Ari Lamstein

New Project: “Data Engineering with Databricks” Course

This week I embark on an exciting new project: taking Databricks’ official “Data Engineering with Databricks” course! At the start of this project I find myself wanting to connect with people who have already taken this course. I am particularly interested to know how much effort the course took and how well it prepared you […]

Upcoming Talk at SF Python Meetup

I am delighted to announce that tomorrow (June 12) I will be speaking at the SF Python Meetup about my Covid-19 Demographics Explorer app. This talk is quite exciting for me as it will be my first talk about a Python project I have done. (After a decade of programming in R, this feels like […]

Creating Time Series Data from the American Community Survey (ACS)

One of the most important decisions in my Covid Demographics Explorer app was how to communicate the demographic changes that occurred between 2019 and 2021. I started by computing the raw population changes and saw that San Francisco County’s population went down 66,348. But that number, by itself, is hard to reason about. You really […]

Visualizing the Impact of Covid-19 on US Counties

I just published a new version of my Python Census Explorer app. This version lets you select a State, County and Demographic statistic. It then presents two visualizations of the data over time: A standard line graph of the raw data A bar chart showing the year-over-year percent change The app defaults to visualizing Total […]

Python Census Explorer v1.2.0: Census Tracts

I just updated my Python Census Explorer app. You can view the new version by visiting or clicking the image below: Major Change and Project Goal My long-term goal with this project is to explore how neighborhoods across the country changed during Covid-19. Previously the app showed selected demographics of all counties in a […]