Live Training: Using Email for your Data Science Portfolio

This Friday at 9am PT I will be running a live training titled Using Email for your Data Science Portfolio.

Within the world of online communication, email is the best way to build relationships with people who value your work. This training will explain why this is, and how you can apply it to your own portfolio.

Here’s a simple example from my own portfolio. Last week I made a minor update to choroplethr, my main open source package. Email allowed me to immediately communicate this update to thousands of people:

This, in turn, led to a record-setting number of installs:

Results like this can happen for anyone with a data science portfolio. My presentation on Friday will show you how.

The training has six parts:

  1. Motivation
  2. Personal Experience
  3. Email vs. Social Media
  4. Getting Subscribers
  5. Email Courses
  6. Getting Started

This is a members-only presentation. But I’m so excited to share it that I’m running a special promotion just around this training.

For just $1, you can:

  1. Participate in the live training
  2. Watch the replay
  3. Ask follow-up questions in the members-only forum
  4. Attend a live office hours next week to ask more questions
  5. Have complete access to the rest of the membership site (e.g. courses)

Basically, you can get two weeks of unlimited access to the membership for just $1 🙂

The catch? This offer is only good until midnight tomorrow!

The $1 trial membership offer has expired, but you can become a member. Click the button below to learn more about membership.

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