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Analyzing Public Health Data in R

Today’s post is by Thomas Yokota, an epidemiologist in Hawaii. I’ve been corresponding with Thomas via email and telephone for a while. I asked Thomas if he could write an introduction to how R, mapping and open data are used in the public health community. This is his reply. [content_upgrade cu_id=”2764″]Bonus: Download the code from this post![content_upgrade_button]Click […]

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idbr: access the US Census Bureau International Data Base in R

Today’s post is by Kyle Walker, a professor of geography at Texas Christian University. I’ve been a fan of Kyle’s work for a while. When I saw that he wrote a package for accessing the Census Bureau’s International Data Base, I asked him to write a guest post about it. The US Census Bureau’s International […]

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Remote Pair Programming in R

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of remote pair programming with clients. A few people have asked how this works. Rather than try to explain it, I recorded one of my sessions with a client last week, and you can watch it below: The actual session was about an hour long, though I edited it […]

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QGIS, Open Source GIS & R

Today’s post is by Kurt Menke, the owner of Bird’s Eye View GIS, a GIS consultancy. Kurt also wrote the book Mastering QGIS. In my latest course (Shapefiles for R Programmers) I briefly introduce people to QGIS. Kurt’s post below gives you a roadmap for learning more.  I come to this blog from a slightly different, […]

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Jeff Meisel’s Workshop @ ODSC

Today I’d like to draw attention to a workshop that Jeffrey Meisel gave at the Open Data Science Conference East (ODSC East) in Boston last weekend. Jeff is the Chief Marketing Officer of the US Census Bureau, and for a few months we’ve been talking about how to improve communication between the Census Bureau and the […]

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