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Welcome to!

Today I am happy to announce that I have migrated my blog from to I thought I would give an inside peek into the change in case others have an interest. Also, I would personally like to see more R packages and blogs, and I hope that this post can encourage others to […]

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Tutorial Recap: Analyzing Census Data in R

A big thanks to Gabriela de Quieroz for organizing the San Francisco R-ladies Meetup, where I spent a few hours yesterday introducing people to my census-related R packages. A special thanks to Sharethrough as well, for letting us use their space for the event. It was my first time running a tutorial like this, and I spent a while thinking […]

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Upcoming Tutorial: Analyzing US Census Data in R

Today I am pleased to announce that on May 21 I will run a tutorial titled Analyzing US Census Data in R. While I have spoken at conferences before, this is my first time running a tutorial. My hope is that everyone who participates will learn something interesting about the demographics of the state, county […]

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choroplethr v3.1.0: Better Summary Demographic Data

Today I am happy to announce that choroplethr v3.1.0 is now on CRAN. You can get it by typing the following from an R console: install.packages(“choroplethr”) This version adds better support for summary demographic data for each state and county in the US. The data is in two data.frames and two functions. The data.frames are: […]

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Advice to JETs on Learning Japanese

I recently spoke to an outbound JET and was reminded of my own experience on the program (Mie-ken, 2000-2002). I gave him some tips on learning the language and then realized that my advice might be useful to other JETs as well. I hope that by publishing this advice I can help participants on the […]

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