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My Proposal to the R Consortium

I recently submitted a Proposal to the R Consortium. I decided to share this proposal on my blog for two reasons: To raise awareness of an opportunity I see in the R ecosystem. To raise awareness of the R Consortium as a funding source for R projects. I first learned about the R Consortium when […]

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Update: “Difficult to Reproduce Choroplethr Bug” Isolated and Fixed

Yesterday I wrote that I’ve received a number of choroplethr bug reports recently that I simply cannot reproduce. Due to a large number of people replying with their system information, along with whether or not they were able to reproduce the bug, I was able to track it down. Thank you to everyone who helped! […]

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Difficult to Reproduce Choroplethr Bug: Can You Help?

Since November 2017 I have received three bug reports from users who see this error when running any command in the choroplethr package: Theme element panel.border missing   Error in if (theme$panel.ontop) { : argument is of length zero Normally when someone reports a choroplethr bug that I cannot reproduce I recommend they do the following: Update to the latest version of R and RStudio. Type […]

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Update on My Collaboration with the Census Bureau

In November I announced a new collaboration with the Census Bureau around data science training. Today I’d like to provide an update on this project. I recently presented a draft of my first course for this project internally and it was well received. The working title of this course is Mapping State ACS Data in […]

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R Programmers: What is your biggest problem when working with Census data?

A few weeks ago I announced my latest project: Data Science instruction at the Census Bureau. In addition to announcing the project, I also snuck a bit of market research into the post. I asked people the types of analyses they do when working with Census data. I also asked what packages they use when […]

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