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How long until an R portfolio makes money?

A reader just asked me a fascinating question: Could you give a rough estimate of how much time you had to invest until your portfolio started to show a nice return of investment? To answer this question we’ll need to subtract a start date from an end date. However, these dates are a bit tricky to pick. […]

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Monetizing R Portfolios

I recently ran an office hours on the topic of building R Portfolios. The conversation was fascinating to me. One issue that came up was monetization. Basically, creating an R Portfolio is a ton of work. How can you make any money out of it? I’m sure that there are lots of possibilities. But here are the […]

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How to “get good at R”

Recently a few people in my membership site have asked me the following question: How can I get good at R? This has come up enough times for me to outline my thoughts on the subject. That way I can simply forward people to this post the next time the question comes up. My advice is geared […]

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