Ari Lamstein

Covid Demographics Explorer

The Covid Demographics Explorer is a Python app I wrote that lets users explore how the demographics in their county changed during Covid-19. It also shows how the changes their county experienced compare to the changes that took place in other counties. You can view the app here. The app uses the Censusdis and Pandas packages to build a custom dataset of demographic data from the Census Bureau’s API. All data comes from the American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year estimates. It uses Streamlit to let users interactively explore the data with a simple front end. I spoke about the app at the San Francisco Python Meetup in June 2024. The talk was recorded and I will embed the recording below when it is published.

Additional Information

My talk at the San Francisco Python Meetup focused primarily on how the app uses Streamlit. The organizers encouraged me to view the audience as having heard of Streamlit but never used it themselves. The goal was to present the app as a case study of using Streamlit, and teach the audience enough so that they could start building similar apps on their own. As a result, my talk did not go into detail about the data. If you would like to learn more about that aspect of the project then please read the following blog posts: