Choroplethr is a suite of R packages that facilitates mapping demographic statistics. The name "Choroplethr" comes from the words "choropleth map" and "R programming language". A choropleth is any map that shows regions, and expresses values for those regions with color.

Choroplethr is easy to use, has built-in support for mapping every country in the world and integrates with major data sources.

Free Course

The best way to get started with Choroplethr is the free course Learn to Map Census Data in R. It will teach you how to create this map, which shows how US Income has changed over time:

Learn to Map Census Data guides you through a project that uses a subset of Choroplethr's functionality (US State maps and US Census Data). After completing the project, it will be easier for you to learn how other Choroplethr features work.

Learn to Map Census Data in R has six lessons, and one lesson will be emailed to you each day. This course has helped several thousand people learn to use Choroplethr. 

Packages and Documentation

While Choroplethr is conceptually one body of work, it is divided into five different R packages. The packages are

  • choroplethr
  • choroplethrMaps
  • choroplethrAdmin1
  • choroplethrZip
  • rUnemploymentData

The Choroplethr documentation pages provide:

  • a description and installation instructions for each package
  • a complete list of the functions and data in each package
  • examples of using each function and data object


There are two full-length courses related to Choroplethr:

  • Mapmaking in R with Choroplethr is the definitive guide to working with Choroplethr. It teaches you how to conduct exploratory analysis with Choroplethr, as well as how to use each of the maps that Choroplethr ships with.
  • Shapefiles for R Programmers teaches you how to work with Shapefiles in R. This is especially useful if you need to work with maps that are not already packaged on CRAN.

These courses can be purchased individually, or at a discount as part of the R Mapping Bundle.


I provide technical support for Choroplethr through Choroplethr Concierge Support. Support includes:

  • a 90-minute video call where we work through technical issues you are having
  • one week of followup email support
  • the course Mapmaking in R with Choroplethr
  • the course Shapefiles for R Programmers

About Ari Lamstein

I began developing Choroplethr in 2013 while working as a software engineer and data analyst at an online real estate company. At the time I could not find an R package that did exactly what I needed - so I created it myself! Choroplethr is now one of the most popular R packages for mapping demographic statistics.

In addition to developing Choroplethr, I also work as an R Trainer and Consultant. Contact me if you are interested in working together.