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Are Courses and Stack Overflow No Longer Enough?

You started learning R with books and online courses. But applying that knowledge to your own projects has been hard. 
Importing your data is taking forever. The error messages are confusing. And you're not sure if you're doing things "the right way".
At this point, why not use Excel?

Get Actionable Insights from your Data

R allows you to create custom, informative analyses. The visualizations are beautiful and reproducible. You’ve seen this all over the internet.
Now it's time for you to create analyses like that yourself. For your own project. With your own data. 

Introducing The R Accelerator

The R Accelerator is the fastest way for you to go from "I've studied R" to "I skillfully use R on my own projects." Each month you'll get:

Pair Programming

We work together, live, through a technical issue of your choosing.

Private Forum

Messages posted here are viewable only by you and me. 

Course Library

Study specific technologies, in-depth, at your own pace.

Coaching Call

A live group video conference.

The R Accelerator: Lite

The Lite Program gives you access to a private forum, course library and monthly group coaching call. This option is perfect for people who are self-studying R and looking to occasionally bring in an outside expert.
Messages in the private forum are viewable only by you and me. In the forum I can help you make sense of an error message, or provide advice and feedback on your project. I try to answer each message within one business day.
The Lite Program costs $99 / month.

The R Accelerator: Core

The Core Program comes with everything in the Lite Program plus a Pair Programming session.
Pair Programming allows us to collaborate on the same machine, while still being physically remote. It is similar to screen sharing, in that we can see each other's screen. But unlike screen sharing, we can type on each other's computers.
During the Pair Programming sessions I can help you debug a problem that you have, or demonstrate how I would solve a particular problem. The pair programming session is limited to 45 minutes.
The Plus Program costs $300 / month.

The R Accelerator: Professional

​The Professional Program comes with everything in the Core Program, but includes weekly Pair Programming sessions. This option is designed for professional analysts that are transitioning to R from another technology. The weekly pair programming sessions allow me to provide consistent guidance while you learn R.
The Professional Program costs $1,000 / month.​
Lucie H. Krennwallner, Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist

The Session was a Great Success

Ari effectively balances the level of his explanations with the knowledge of his clients, be they beginners or professionals alike. More importantly he really understands his client's problems and supports others to achieve successful outcomes through a variety of channels. I did his online courses as well as a one to one session online. He organized and explained everything in advance to ensure that the session can start on time, and the live online session was a great success. His professionalism, work ethics and enthusiasm are exemplary, his knowledge is extensive, and above all his personable and kind manner set him entirely apart. I would be more than happy to work with Ari again.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

If you are not happy with your experience in the Accelerator, then I will happily issue you a full refund!

About Ari

You might know me as the author of choroplethr, the popular R package for mapping open datasets in R. I've spoken about choroplethr at conferences around the world.
Through my company, Lamstein Consulting LLC, I provide training and consulting services to people using R.
Before creating Lamstein Consulting I worked as a software engineer and data analyst at various companies in San Francisco.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Am I tied to a monthly contract?

How long is the Accelerator?

Can my company pay for the Accelerator?

What aspects of R do you specialize in?

If I have another question that isn't answered here, who do I contact?

Derek Darves, Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist

A Gifted Teacher and Insightful Programmer

Ari is both a gifted teacher and a very insightful programmer -- attributes you don't always find strongly within the same person! He developed a clear plan to advance the R programming skills of our group and boosted our overall competency to the degree he projected in our SOI. In short, his vision matches execution, and he has the skills, insight and experience needed to succeed as a statistical consultant. Thank you Ari!


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