I frequently speak about my work at conferences and meetups. These talks tend to focus on either: 

  1. Choroplethr (my suite of R packages for mapping open datasets).
  2. My experience monetizing R packages.

"Choroplethr" is a portmanteau of "choropleth map" and "R programming language".

Talk #1: Choroplethr

When speaking about choroplethr, my goal is to demonstrate the software with compelling examples. Each example also contains code, so the audience can work through the examples on their own. Previous talks have ranged from 5 minute lightning talks to one hour lectures to evening workshops.

You can view a recording of my recent talk at the American Community Survey (ACS) Data Users Conference Below:

Allan Miller, Ph.D. Organizer, Berkeley R Meetup

A highly skilled and effective presenter

Ari is a highly skilled and effective presenter. He is knowledgeable, well-organized, patient, and clear! The audience response was universally positive, and several have requested a follow-up session.

Talk #2: Monetizing R Packages

Choroplethr is an open source package, which means that I receive no compensation when people use it. At some point I realized that in order to continue development I would need to start monetizing it.

My latest talk, "Beyond Popularity: Monetizing R Packages", tells the story of my first success monetizing choroplethr. The talk is 30 minutes. The first half explains why I chose to monetize choroplethr, and how I went about it. The second half details three tactics which I believe can help any R package author who is looking to monetize their work.

I recently gave this talk at the San Francisco EARL Conference. While that talk was not recorded, I subsequently did a webinar of the talk, which you can view below:

Joseph Rickert Co-Organizer of the Bay Area useR Group

A Wonderful Speaker

Ari is a wonderful speaker, knowledgable about R and generous with sharing his insights. We have been fortunate to have had him speak twice so far at our Meetup.

Looking for a Speaker?

If you are looking to hire a speaker for your next event, and think that your audience would be interested in learning more about choroplethr or monetizing R packages, then contact me using the form below.