I frequently speak about my open source work at conferences and meetups. Below you can watch recordings of some of my most popular talks below.

Introduction to Choroplethr (1 Hour)

This talk provides an overview of the the entire suite of packages that make up Choroplethr. The audience leaves understanding how Choroplethr facilitates the exploration of spatial data as well as how the main objects and functions in Choroplethr work. The talk also covers the main data sources that Choroplethr integrates with as well as resources that can help them learn more about Choroplethr.

I have given this talk at the CDC R Users Group as well as at private companies. You can watch a recording of the talk below.

Allan Miller, Ph.D. Organizer, Berkeley R Meetup

A highly skilled and effective presenter

Ari is a highly skilled and effective presenter. He is knowledgeable, well-organized, patient, and clear! The audience response was universally positive, and several have requested a follow-up session.

Choroplethr and Census Data (15 Minutes)

I have given several short talks about Choroplethr at conferences and meetups over the years. Below is a recording of a talk I gave at the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) Data Users Conference. This talk focuses on how Choroplethr facilitates exploratory data analysis of US Census Data. 

Joseph Rickert Co-Organizer of the Bay Area useR Group

A Wonderful Speaker

Ari is a wonderful speaker, knowledgable about R and generous with sharing his insights. We have been fortunate to have had him speak twice so far at our Meetup.

Looking for a Speaker?

If you are looking to hire a speaker for your next event, and think that your audience would be interested in learning more about choroplethr, then contact me using the button below.