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Live Event: Blogging for Data Scientists

John Sonmez

This Thursday at 10am I will be doing a live event with John Sonmez, the founder of SimpleProgrammer. The presentation is titled Blogging for Data Scientists.

John was a major influence on me when I started publishing online in 2015. At that time I wasn’t sure if it made sense for me to create a blog, or a website of any kind. Taking his free email course on blogging for software engineers convinced me to create a blog. After taking his free email course I read his book Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual. That book convinced me to try and take marketing further than just having a blog. I’m glad that I made both decisions!

This presentation should be interesting to any data scientists who are interested in creating an online presence that highlights their work and helps them connect with people who share their interests.

The format of the presentation will rely heavily on live Q&A. So if you’d like a chance to ask questions to an expert engineer / blogger, I highly recommend that you attend!

The event is free to attend.

Ari Lamstein

Ari Lamstein

I currently work as a Staff Data Science Engineer at a marketing analytics consultancy. I have 20 years experience developing software in areas such as data science, web development and video games. I have also worked as a technical trainer and independent consultant.

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