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choroplethr 3.7.1 is now on CRAN

When I took my first software engineering job at Electronic Arts 20 years ago someone told me “More time is spent maintaining old software than writing new software.” Since my project at the time (“Spore”) was brand new, and I was writing brand new code for it, I found that hard to believe. My experience […]

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My Courses are now Free

A few months ago I announced a change in direction: rather than continuing to focus on Choroplethr-related development and introductory R training, I was going to focus on the broader field of Analytics Engineering. Today I am happy to announce that that effort has resulted in a new job. I am joining a marketing analytics […]

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A Guide to SQL Window Functions for Data Analysts

I recently learned about a (somewhat) new feature in MySQL called Window functions. From the perspective of an analyst, Window functions are fantastic: they allow you derive more information about your data without leaving the database. This reduces your need for custom statistical software such as R. Unfortunately, most of the tutorials that I read […]

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Reader Questions about Analytics Engineering

Last week I announced a new focus for my blog: codifying my thoughts around the new role of Analytics Engineering. The post led to some interesting exchanges with longtime readers. I thought that two of these questions, along with my responses, might interest a wider audience, so I am copying them here. Q1: How does […]

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Something New: Analytics Engineering

I started this blog in 2015 to serve as reference material for Choroplethr, my open source R package for mapping demographic statistics. A lot has changed since then, and I’ve decided to start using this space for something else: to codify my thoughts on the new field of Analytics Engineering. As a software engineer, there […]

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