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New Version of!

Last year I decided to take out the domain I used it to host information about Choroplethr, my suite of R packages for mapping demographic statistics. A year and a half later, I’ve made the first significant change to the site! The old version of was structured as a series of essays that […]

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Choroplethr v3.6.2 is now on CRAN

A new version of Choroplethr is now on CRAN! You can get it by typing the following from the R Console: install.packages(“choroplethr”) I encourage all Choroplethr users to install this new version! Overview A new version of ggplot2 will be released shortly. This new version of ggplot2 introduces many new features. These new features, however, […]

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New Version of ggplot2

I just received a note from Hadley Wickham that a new version of ggplot2 is scheduled to be submitted to CRAN on June 25. Here’s what choroplethr users need to know about this new version of ggplot2. Choroplethr Update Required The new version of ggplot2 introduces bugs into choroplethr. In particular, choroplethr does not pass […]

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My Proposal to the R Consortium

I recently submitted a Proposal to the R Consortium. I decided to share this proposal on my blog for two reasons: To raise awareness of an opportunity I see in the R ecosystem. To raise awareness of the R Consortium as a funding source for R projects. I first learned about the R Consortium when […]

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Update: “Difficult to Reproduce Choroplethr Bug” Isolated and Fixed

Yesterday I wrote that I’ve received a number of choroplethr bug reports recently that I simply cannot reproduce. Due to a large number of people replying with their system information, along with whether or not they were able to reproduce the bug, I was able to track it down. Thank you to everyone who helped! […]

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