Ari Lamstein

Request for Resources: Teaching Computer Science Basics to R Programmers

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is teaching R to our incoming analysts. These analysts are largely recent college graduates with a limited background in computer science and statistics. Historically my job has been to teach them the basics of the Tidyverse over 3 half-days. I’m writing today to see if anyone […]

New package on CRAN: zctaCrosswalk

I am happy to announce that my new R package, zctaCrosswalk, is now on CRAN. This package contains the US Census Bureau’s 2020 ZCTA to County Relationship File, as well as convenience functions to translate between States, Counties and ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs). You can install the package like this: install.packages(“zctaCrosswalk”) This package is […]

choroplethr 3.7.1 is now on CRAN

When I took my first software engineering job at Electronic Arts 20 years ago someone told me “More time is spent maintaining old software than writing new software.” Since my project at the time (“Spore”) was brand new, and I was writing brand new code for it, I found that hard to believe. My experience […]

My Courses are now Free

A few months ago I announced a change in direction: rather than continuing to focus on Choroplethr-related development and introductory R training, I was going to focus on the broader field of Analytics Engineering. Today I am happy to announce that that effort has resulted in a new job. I am joining a marketing analytics […]

Exploring the Demographics of US Congressional Districts in R

I recently created a few datasets to facilitate analyzing the interaction between demographics and political party affiliations of US Congressional Districts. My goal was to create this graph: I added this data to Choroplethr and pushed the new version to CRAN. This post walks you through using these datasets, the analysis I did, and the […]