Hi, I'm Ari Lamstein.  

I help people do great things with R.

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Corporate R Training

Want to help your data analysts become skilled R programmers?

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I am the author of choroplethr, a suite of open source R packages for mapping demographic statistics.

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Learn to Map Census Data in R!

This free course has helped thousands of people learn to map demographic data in R.
The course contains 5 lessons and will teach you how to make this map:

About Ari

I am a trainer and consultant who specializes in R. I have helped companies and government agencies train their workforces and complete custom projects.

Prior to creating my own business I worked as a software engineer and data analyst at several tech companies in San Francisco.  I discovered R while working on a project to analyze real estate data. I couldn't find a package that did exactly what I needed, so I created it myself. That package is called choroplethr, and is now one of the most popular R packages for mapping open datasets. 

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