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Update on the R Shapefile Contest

This is a reminder that the R Shapefile Contest ends this Friday, July 29!

We already have four incredible entries:

  1. Kent Johnson looked at the Cambridge Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.
  2. James B. Elsner, Thomas H. Jagger, and Tyler Fricker studied the Long-Term View of Tornado Risk.
  3. Robby Powell explored Airport Effects on U.S. County Unemployment Rates
  4. Jonathan Carroll researched the Australian Federal Election of 2016

Here’s a gallery of images from the current submissions:

I encourage you to read all of the entries; there are links in the comments section of the contest page.

Even better, I’d love it if you submitted an entry yourself!

Yes, the winner will get a couple of prizes. But the main reasons to submit an entry, I think, are that going through the publication process will

  1. improve your skills
  2. draw attention to your work

There’s only 3 days left to submit an entry! Click here to learn more.

Ari Lamstein

Ari Lamstein

I currently work as a Staff Data Science Engineer at a marketing analytics consultancy. I have 20 years experience developing software in areas such as data science, web development and video games. I have also worked as a technical trainer and independent consultant.

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