Upcoming Talk at the Bay Area R Users Group (BARUG)

Next Tuesday (August 8) I will be giving a talk at the Bay Area R Users Group (BARUG). The talk is titled Beyond Popularity: Monetizing R Packages. Here is an abstract of the talk:

This talk will cover my initial foray into monetizing an open source R package. In 2015, a year after publishing the initial version of choroplethr on CRAN, I made a concerted effort to try and monetize the package. In this workshop you will learn:

1. Why I decided to monetize choroplethr.
2. The monetization strategy I used.
3. Three tactics that can help you monetize your own R package.

I first gave this talk at the San Francisco EARL conference in June. The talk was well-received there, and I am looking forward to giving it again!

The talk is free to attend, but requires registration.

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