Update on R Consortium Census Guide

As I mentioned in July, my proposal to the R Consortium to create a Guide to Working with Census Data in R was accepted. Today I’d like to share an update on the project.

The proposal breaks the creation of the guide into four milestones. So far Logan Powell and I have completed two of those milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Select publication technology. We have decided to use Github Pages to publish the Guide.
  • Milestone 2: Assemble list of resources to include. We have assembled three types of resource to include:
    • A list of R packages that work with Census Data.
    • A description of the five most popular datasets which the Census Bureau publishes.
    • A description of various ways that the Census Bureau provides training and support.

The next Milestone is to convert this list of resources into a single, coherent document. Before doing this, though, we want to give the broader R and Census communities a chance to review the resources we plan to include. We’re particularly interested to know if we’ve missed anything important, or if we’re planning to include anything that is broadly considered to be superfluous.

If you have a minute, please review what we plan to include. If you have feedback, you can provide it by filing an issue in the project’s github repository.

Review the Guide