Behind the Scenes of an R Consortium Project

Next Tuesday (September 3) I will be giving a talk at the Bay Area R User Group titled Behind the Scenes of an R Consortium Project. This will be my first time speaking about my work with the R Consortium, and I encourage you to attend!

Over the last few years the R Consortium has emerged as a major source of funding for R projects. However, many R users are not aware of the R Consortium. And many of those who are aware of it view applying for funding as something that “other people do”.

This talk will use a case study – my own R Consortium Project – to argue that even “average” members of the R community can and should apply to the R Consortium for funding for projects that personally interest them.

In 2018 I began working with the Census Bureau to create an online course on using R to analyze US Census Data. Shortly after I announced that project, Joseph Rickert from the R Consortium contacted me about applying for funding to further this work. In this talk I will describe what problem I wanted to solve, how it related to work that I was already doing and what the application process was like. I will argue that my project can serve as a template for other, similar projects, and will also provide a post-mortem on the project.

You can register for the Meetup for free here.