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Upcoming Tutorial: Analyzing US Census Data in R

Today I am pleased to announce that on May 21 I will run a tutorial titled Analyzing US Census Data in R. While I have spoken at conferences before, this is my first time running a tutorial. My hope is that everyone who participates will learn something interesting about the demographics of the state, county and ZIP code that they are from. Along the way, I hope that people become comfortable doing exploratory data analysis with maps, learn a bit about geography and leave with a better understanding of how US Census data works. Here is the description:

In this tutorial Ari Lamstein will explain how to use R to explore the demographics of US States, Counties and ZIP Codes.  Each person will analyze their home state, county and ZIP code. There will be an emphasis on sharing results with each other. We will use boxplots and choropleth maps to visualize the data.

Time permitting we will also explore historic demographic data, learn more about the data itself, and how to use the Census Bureau’s API.

Attendance is free. If you are interested and can make it to the event, then I hope to see you there!

Note that the current draft of my slides is available on github. After the talk I plan to publish my slides on slideshare, where I have placed slides from my previous talks.

Ari Lamstein

Ari Lamstein

I currently work as a Staff Data Science Engineer at a marketing analytics consultancy. I have 20 years experience developing software in areas such as data science, web development and video games. I have also worked as a technical trainer and independent consultant.

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