New Shiny App for Exploring Census Tract Demographics

Today I am happy to announce a new web app I have created for exploring Census Tract Demographics in California. You can view the running app here. The source code is available here. I view the app as a companion to my new package choroplethrCaCensusTract, which is designed to make it easier to work with California Census Tracts in R. Here is a screenshot of the running app:



The app is built using Shiny, the web application framework for R created by RStudio. This is the fourth app that I have created using Shiny. Each app I have created has been easier than the last, and I am coming to appreciate the unique strengths of distributing running apps, as opposed to static images, for data analysis. If you are interested in viewing the other statistical map applications that I’ve created, here is a list of them:

  1. State Crime Analysis
  2. State and County Demographics
  3. Zip Code Demographics
  4. California Census Tract Demographics
Lung-Chang Chien says April 4, 2016

Those links of shinyapps seem to be broken.

    Ari Lamstein says April 4, 2016

    You are correct. I took down those apps because my shiny hosting bill was too expensive. It’s on my list to find a cheaper option.

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