Live Presentation: Kyle Walker on the tigris Package

Kyle Walker

Next Tuesday (April 4) at 9am PT I will be hosting a webinar with Kyle Walker about the tigris package in R. In addition to creating the Tigris package, Kyle is also a Professor of Geography at Texas Christian University.

If you are interested in R, Mapping and US Census Geography then I encourage you to attend!

What tigris Does

When I released choroplethr back in 2014, many people loved that it allows you to easily map US States, Counties and ZIP Codes. What many people don’t realize is that:

  1. These maps come from the US Census Bureau
  2. The Census Bureau publishes many more maps than choroplethr ships with

What Tigris does is remarkable: rather than relying on someone creating an R package with the US map you want, it allows you to download shapefiles directly from the US Census Bureau and import them into your R session. All without leaving the R console! From there you can render the map with your favorite graphics library.

Kyle will explain what shapefiles the Census Bureau has available, and also give a demonstration of how to use Tigris. After the presentation, there will be a live Q&A session.

If you are unable to attend live, please register so I can email you a link to the replay.