Free Course: Help Your Team Learn R!

Today I am happy to announce a new free course: Help Your Team Learn R!

Over the last few years I’ve helped a number of data teams train their analysts to use R. At each company there was a skilled R user who was leading the team’s effort to adopt R.

Each of these internal R advocates, however, had a similar problem: they did not have a background in training. So while they knew that R could help their company, and they were R experts themselves, they struggled to get their team to actually learn R.

Help Your Team Learn R is designed to help people in this situation by providing an introduction to some of the key concepts in the field of technical training.

What’s in the Course?

In terms of Pedagogy, the course focuses on Criterion Referenced Instruction, which is the branch of training that I have found most useful when teaching R.

The course contains seven lessons that are sent via email over the course of six days. Each email contains:

  • One key concept from the field of training
  • An example of how I have applied that concept when I teach R
  • An exercise to help you apply that concept to your own teaching

Sign Up Now!

If you are looking for help in teaching R to your team, then I encourage you to sign up for Help Your Team Learn R using the form below!