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My Courses are now Free

A few months ago I announced a change in direction: rather than continuing to focus on Choroplethr-related development and introductory R training, I was going to focus on the broader field of Analytics Engineering. Today I am happy to announce that that effort has resulted in a new job. I am joining a marketing analytics […]

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A Guide to SQL Window Functions for Data Analysts

I recently learned about a (somewhat) new feature in MySQL called Window functions. From the perspective of an analyst, Window functions are fantastic: they allow you derive more information about your data without leaving the database. This reduces your need for custom statistical software such as R. Unfortunately, most of the tutorials that I read […]

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Reader Questions about Analytics Engineering

Last week I announced a new focus for my blog: codifying my thoughts around the new role of Analytics Engineering. The post led to some interesting exchanges with longtime readers. I thought that two of these questions, along with my responses, might interest a wider audience, so I am copying them here. Q1: How does […]

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Something New: Analytics Engineering

I started this blog in 2015 to serve as reference material for Choroplethr, my open source R package for mapping demographic statistics. A lot has changed since then, and I’ve decided to start using this space for something else: to codify my thoughts on the new field of Analytics Engineering. As a software engineer, there […]

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Exploring the Demographics of US Congressional Districts in R

I recently created a few datasets to facilitate analyzing the interaction between demographics and political party affiliations of US Congressional Districts. My goal was to create this graph: I added this data to Choroplethr and pushed the new version to CRAN. This post walks you through using these datasets, the analysis I did, and the […]

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