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acs v2.1.1 is now on CRAN

A new version of the acs package is now on CRAN. I recommend that all users of choroplethr update to this version. Here is how to do it: As a reminder, after updating the acs package you might need to reinstall your Census API key with ?api.key.install. New Performance Issue Internally, choroplethr uses the acs package […]

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Choroplethr v3.6.0 is now on CRAN

Choroplethr version 3.6.0 is now on CRAN. This version adds functionality for getting and mapping demographics of US Census Tracts. You can install it from the R console as follows: install.packages(“choroplethr”) packageVersion(“choroplethr”) [1] ‘3.6.0’ To use this functionality you will need an API key from the US Census Bureau. You can learn more about that […]

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Live Presentation: Kyle Walker on the tigris Package

Next Tuesday (April 4) at 9am PT I will be hosting a webinar with Kyle Walker about the tigris package in R. In addition to creating the Tigris package, Kyle is also a Professor of Geography at Texas Christian University. If you are interested in R, Mapping and US Census Geography then I encourage you to […]

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Upcoming Talk: 2017 ACS Data Users Conference

My abstract was recently accepted for the 2017 ACS Data Users Conference, and on May 12 I will be giving a talk titled Mapping ACS Data in R with Choroplethr. I am looking forward to attending the conference! For those who don’t know, ACS stands for American Community Survey. If you have taken Learn to Map Census Data in R, […]

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Slides from my Talk at the CDC

Two weeks ago I had the honor of giving a talk about my open source work at the CDC. Last week I gave the talk again as an open-enrollment webinar. In case you missed that talk, you can view the slides here. You can also download the slides by entering your email below. [content_upgrade cu_id=”5296″]Download […]

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